What the fastest drivers said after Qualifying

What the fastest drivers said after Qualifying

Frédéric Vervisch (1st): “Before the weekend, everybody knew that the Audi had good top speed but you still have to do it, the speed has to be there and Monza is not an easy track. I’m really, really pleased that Audi and the team gave us such a good car and I hope we can have a bit more pace than we had at Spa in the race. We discussed slipstreaming and we tried it yesterday, but it didn’t really work and so we decided not to do it.”

Roberto Colciago (2nd): “Until this morning, I didn’t know if I could even go in the car; I’m surprised I could drive, let alone be P2! I think I have a problem with the discs in my back, which I damaged yesterday going across the kerbs. It started at Spa but I had a massage during the week, which helped. After FP2 yesterday I was really bad and I didn’t sleep much, so I don’t know what will happen in the race.”

Attila Tassi (3rd): “It feels good. We worked a lot during Free Practice yesterday to set up a good car for Qualifying and for the races. Of course, I have a really experienced teammate who is at his home track so that is a big plus for me because he has taught me lots of small things about Monza. In the race, I will try to do the same kind of start I did at Spa and then defend hard.”

Davit Kajaia (4th): “I am happy with P4, especially since we are in Italy and we have lots of fans here. Of course, it would be better to be on pole with the Giulietta, but I had a little bit of oversteer and I think without that I could have been around two-tenths faster. Our car struggles with top speed, so I had to find someone to slipstream but I couldn’t find anyone. I think the first chicane will be a mess, so I plan to stay out of trouble because I need the points.”

Mat’o Homola (5th): “The guys found the cause of the vibration, so that wasn’t an issue. I also struggled with the setup yesterday, but I’ve brought my old engineer with me this weekend and we made a lot of changes to the car after Free Practice. We have to work hard because the car is still not perfect, but it’s much better than yesterday. My aim is always to win so I need a good start and then we see what will happen. I think they will be two interesting races, both for the competitors and the spectators.”

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