Bahrain Qualifying – more driver quotes

Bahrain Qualifying – more driver quotes

Roberto Colciago (4th): “That was pretty good because we were on the pace. To be honest, I didn’t expect the Opel cars to be so fast – they were on another planet. I put something on the pedals after Free Practice to try to protect my feet but I don’t know what it will be like in the race after ten laps.”

Davit Kajaia (5th): “I’m quite happy with my result because of the extra 30kgs of weight I’m carrying. In Q1, I made a mistake when I cut the kerbs too aggressively and I damaged my front tyre and my suspension because my steering wheel wasn’t straight. In Q2, I improved my lap time and I will try to keep the position because for me it’s important to collect more points.”

Jean-Karl Vernay (6th): “That wasn’t so good. Q1 was okay but in Q2 I had a dashboard problem and so I couldn’t see any information about revs or gears. I had to upshift and downshift according to my reference points and I touched the rev limiter a few times. P6 is okay but I’m a little bit frustrated because P3 was only two-tenths in front. I think we can still get two podiums; we have to make a good start and then see where we are.”

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